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Can you hear me?
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Could they just be happy?

Could they just get along?

Junko felt her eyes narrow. It wasn’t like everyone else was going to get along. Sure, try getting along with Jazzy, Miss Murderer, herself. Junko didn’t, even before she knew she’d killed someone. Sure, Junko was the one who attacked her, but you know. To her, fighting seemed somewhat obvious. If you fight, you at least have a shot of actually living, right? Even if it meant-

She pushed that thought to the side, too.

Junko flinched a bit at the sound of someone else showing up. She turned her head, and… oh. Leslie “Rage Bomb” Price. Right. Junko’s eyes once again did the familiar up and down motion. And once again, she didn’t see anything. Though, you still could never know.

She simply tilted her head to the side, as she continued looking over Leslie. Leslie was, again, a rage bomb. Junko honestly didn’t know much about her other than that.

“What’s the point?” Junko asked, snapping her head towards Tara. “Well, if I die, I can at least say that I fought, y’know? I tried. I don’t think that’s gonna happen, though. I’ve been taking pretty good care of myself already.”

She’d fought Darius. She’d overpowered Jasmine. Whoever she ended up fighting next, she could once again get on top. Right? Right.

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