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"Whoa, whoa!"

Door came flyin' towards him out of the fucking blue and Aiden jumped backwards to avoid getting his face smashed in. Close fucking encounter, he could even feel the gush of air on his skin as it barely missed him. He had no time to even recover or try and catch on to whatever the fuck had just happened, as some dude rushed past him less than a second later.

"Fuckin' -"

That was all his brain could produce in that moment, things went way too flippin' fast. First instinct was to assume he was under attack or something and he threw his hands up to shield himself or something, like that was going to help. Huh, wasn't chargin' for him though, nope. Just makin' a run for it, so he did, classic bailing.

Aiden lowered his hands again, tried to catch his breath. Coulda yelled after that guy, told him to stop and calm his tits or some shit. Thought didn't even cross his mind in that moment though. Just watching after him as he took off, Aiden could tell that it wasn't one of his crew, no one he immediately recognized or something. Not worth chasing after. Fuck, that sounded way too fuckin' shitty, but that was how he fuckin' felt.

He almost jumped when Mel started speaking again. Jesus, his fuckin' nerves, bouncin' all over the place. Had to get a grip, yup. "Huh, what are you sayin?' There's nobody else, that guy just left and-"

Oh wait, she meant behind him, right. He turned around and yup, there she was. Whoever she [/i] was[/i]. Took him a bit to really take in her face, way too many faces to go through in his head. Fuck like, every small thing was kind of overwhelming his brain, like it was startin' go get a bit fuzzy and all.

"Hey uh...oh right, that's Rena! Rena, Serena or - something. Whatever, she looks harmless, you with me?"

He turned his head away from Mel and back to the new arrival. Stared at her for another moment, then slowly raised his arm and starting waving back - sort of.
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