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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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They were distracted in the middle of a hallway. Nancy was in the other room with a gun in her hand. A camera was pointed right at them. Their reunion could be shattered, mercilessly, at any moment, at any second. None of it mattered though. None of it mattered because Caedyn was here.

That was not to dismiss Nancy. If Caedyn never showed up, if it was just Jasmine and Nancy, they'd embrace, hug it out, maybe cry a little. They would not kiss because Nancy and Jasmine were friends and just that.

Jasmine could sense the brief shock in Kay's body. How her body froze between the time Jasmine's arms looped around her and their lips connected. Was Caedyn should have expected the kiss honestly. Like, fuck, they were in a life or death situation. Did she seriously expect Jasmine to attack her? Well... She could not blame her for being surprised. Jasmine was just as surprised.

She giggled. It was a light giggle, genuine and light.

"S-Sorry," Jasmine sniffled, trying to wipe the tears out of her face. "I'm sorry Kay, I saw you and I was so excited and - "

She stammered like an idiot, smiled like a moron. Caedyn's hug was tight, her arms strong. Jasmine relaxed in those arms, lowering herself back down, pressing her cheek to her girlfriend's shoulder. She was just so happy she could die.
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