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((Maxim Kehlenbrink, continued from Prince of Nothing))

Finally, there it was. It had kept him up for hours; a sting in his side each time he had been about to nod off. He knew it would come eventually, one could almost say he had anticipated it. Whether it was out of morbid curiosity or just in order to have absolute confirmation that everything was ending around him, even Maxim didn't know. Nor did he care to know. Nothing could change his situation either way.

He sat on the edge of his bed, if one could even call it that. One room next to that of Ben, for privacy's sake and all. Now that he thought about it, staying awake in order to not miss it hadn't been worth it, not really. Given the volume of the announcement, he'd have woken up as soon as it started anyway. As per usual, those regrets came too late. All he wanted to do now was listen.

He had to admit, the voice and manner of speech of that man did have some sort of captivating quality to them. Not enough to quell Maxim's hatred of him, of course, but still, at least their tormentor knew how to properly sell what he was doing.

Name after name, some he knew, some he didn't. Maxim noticed that his jaw was trembling with what he suspected had to be excitement. He shifted his position on the mattress, grunting in frustration. That brief moment of self-awareness had been enough to send a shiver of shame and disgust down his spine, directed towards himself, in more ways than one.

He hated himself for it, of course he did, but he just couldn't help it. The mere thought alone was horrible enough, his peers dying like that. But now that it had become reality and he was there to quasi witness it, there simply wasn't another way of putting it; it had something exciting. It was different and overwhelming and maybe that was what why he felt like he did. Maybe just his way of coping with the initial shock. As much as he didn't like it.

Cristo. His name, his name had just been mentioned. Danya, he was talking about him, about his - corpse.

For a few seconds, Maxim's expression didn't change. He sat there, hands firmly placed on his resting place, digging into the fabric below. Then he exhaled, just as the full realization washed over him.

Of course. Of course it had to be him of all people. Not like Maxim had ever been lucky once in his life.
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