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The cube. It was not working. It was confusing her, it was making him more awkward than he already was.


His cube. He showed the cube to her.

"It is good for staying sane, keep being busy. You can have it, too, if you want."

But then he put the cube back into his pocket, looking at the floor. Why would she even be interested in such a thing? She was searching for Cam, not searching for passing time.


He wanted to cry. He tried to get tears out. Something, to not let her leave yet. Attention.

He thought of his thoughts he had, repressed. But nothing came out.

Vanessa should not leave him here all by himself. That would be terrible. But Al knew that was going to happen. Like always. Al would do nothing and Van leaves and then he won't see her again. Ever.

Now, it was the moment. Now or never.

Either he will get destroyed, or he will be the happiest person in the world.

Let's make this not more dramatic than it should be.

Be strong, be daring, be brave, couragous. Now or never. Never. Literally never.

He took a deep breath to get rid of the weird feeling he had. It did not work, he still felt cold, his stomache hurt.

Alessio was feeling weird. He wanted to cry, he really wanted to. But he couldn’t.

“I never had the chance to be friends with you.”

Or with anyone else. He sounded as if he’d cry, his voice was not stable.

“I wasted it. I wasted the chance.”

But not a single tear was shed. He felt really scared.

“I wasted the time.”

Ah, there were the first tears.

“I wasted my life.”

Eye contact. Eye contact. Eye contact failed.

"I love..."

What now?

"Please don't leave. Me. Alone. Stay, please. I want to be. With. You."

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