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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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There were so many things to considered. So many pieces she had to put together to get the whole picture, and someone had just thrown the whole box on the floor with frustration.

Jazz was here, and she was all around her, smothering the sense out of her mind. Jazzy was a murderer, she was covered in blood, she'd even seen the body, and she could just as easily kill her if she wanted to. A rush like that, a kiss, the total paralysis she always put her in, it'd be perfect for it. Not to mention the fact that she was talking to somebody who could come out at any second and kill both of them, or just her, or just Jazz, or....

There was also Oskar. Oskar could see this whole thing and freak out somehow. Or just leave. She needed him, she needed her little attack rat, and he was so unstable. If he flipped out he could just as easily kill her as Jazzy or Mysterious Murderer Number 3, and she was leaving herself completely vulnerable. She hadn't put the pieces together. She had no idea what would happen when they collided.

All the little squares were waiting to be put together in her mind's eye. The only problem was that as she looked down at them, she realized she didn't give a fuck.

She didn't care. Her mind reveled in the mental mess and uncertainty as she wrapped her arms around the smaller girl and pulled her in as tight as she could. All sense and survival instinct melted into their kiss. The rest of the world just wasn't present as long as she had her like this. Maybe she wouldn't even care if she died like this.

It was stupid. So, so stupid. But then so were most of her thirsty decisions. Why break the trend now?
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