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Penelope placed her hand on top of Astrid's, sandwiching her hand in between Penelope's own.

The tears were still flowing forth, but Penelope tried her best to keep herself stable enough to talk. "It's... It's okay." Penelope sniffed. "It's o-okay. It's... it's not your fault.,, it's not your fault."

Of all the deaths that were mentioned, the knowledge that Cristo was dead hurt the most. The others she didn't know so well, but Cristo was one of her friends. She had known him for a long time, they had spent a lot of time together. The sound of his voice echoed in her mind as she pulled her hands away from Astrid and covered her eyes as the sobs grew more intense. She would give anything to bring Cristo back to life. She would give anything to bring all of them back to life.

But there was nothing that could be done, they were gone.

"W...why did... why did this have to happen?" Penelope said, her voice breaking. "Why this... why them..."

Then, Penelope rushed forward at Astrid, wrapping her arms around the surprised girl as her flashlight fell from its resting place in her lap.

Penelope's crying continued for a few more minutes, her face pressed into Astrid's shoulder.

In a voice that was nary a murmur, Penelope pleaded with Astrid. "Please... please don't die. At least not before me. Please... I... I can't..."
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