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Asha didn't leave her, instead she came closer and hugged Dot. It felt nice and it was Dorothy needed. The warmth and the safety from that embrace gave her the courage to continue.

If it wasn't for that, she would have stayed in the library, on the couch, and would have went back to sleep and forget about this game. She would just have slept, and slept, and slept until she was no more. She would become dust, and she would be swept away by the wind.

Under Asha's arms, she held back her tears. Oh, she wasn't going to cry no more. No more of being a crybaby, she swore to herself. She could only cry if someone she loved died, and it was painfully obvious she'd shed tears in a near future because of that specific reason.

While Dot knew she'd have to adapt to her new life, it was for the best to stop crying over tiny things. Okay maybe Iz's threats and the situation wasn't benign but she knew she couldn't just cry all the time. If she were alone, she'd drown herself with her tears. Her life would have been snuff out by the water going down her face, but she was still here.

So, she moved on.

((Dorothy left to the Devil's Choir where she sang))
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