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Asha wasn't quite sure where Dot's question had come from, but that wasn't important. Maybe Isabel's threats had understandably rattled her, maybe she was afraid Asha would make like a Wayne and wane. Either way, what mattered was that she clearly needed some reassurance, stat.

After setting her taser down, Asha scooted over to sit on the couch next to Dot. Then she poured her entire beating heart into giving her worrying friend a long, firm hug. "Don't worry. I'm here, and I'm not going anywhere, okay?" She said, heroically resisting the urge to make a 'Til Death Do us Part' joke.


Once Asha deemed that Dot was sufficiently comforted, they headed out to face the day. Laughable or no, neither of them wanted to be around if Isabel decided to return, and there was a whole island of cool people (and Wayne) to find.

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