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Sandra watched the two leave. She craned her neck as she thought.

She, ideally, didn't want to stick within any one group for too long. Groups were fragile, they could fall apart easily because of one bad apple, and while it was true that being alone was just as, if not more dangerous, she...

Hmm... then the plan could be to stay in a group until such time that she detected any discord. Was it a solid plan? Who knew. It was better than riding a sinking ship to the bottom, but if she could she would try to salvage as many innocents from within the group as possible. And she would keep that going until it was no longer feasible to do so.

She wasn't a monster, after all, but she wanted to go home.

But she was getting ahead of herself at this point.

Alice and Keith wouldn't have gotten far. She could easily catch up to them.

((Sandra Dyer continued in Last Days.))
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