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And then someone else was there, and things got kind of awkward.

Nancy knew of Caedyn, of course, mostly in the context that had just presented itself here. Jazz's girlfriend.

She wiped her tears and stood there, her eyes going down to the gun in her hand.

Caedyn wasn't Jazz. Nancy didn't really particularly care about Caedyn. She could have pointed the gun right then and there, aimed it at Caedyn and pulled the trigger and bang, another kill would go to her.

But Jazz was there, and she cared about Jazz and Jazz cared about Caedyn and she couldn't lift the gun up knowing that so many things could go wrong if she did.

So she didn't. She just waited for them to finish their reunion. Nancy wanted to leave, but she didn't want to leave Jazz. She wanted Jazz to come with her, but then Caedyn might come along and that wouldn't work at all.

She groaned. Why'd this have to be so complicated?
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