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She let out a quiet groan. Of course Alessio hadn’t seen her, that’d be far too easy. He didn’t have to apologise for it, though, and perhaps she’d been a bit too blunt. It wasn’t exactly an easy situation for anyone she’d met, after all, and it didn't take a genius to see that Alessio was not exactly Mr. Charismatic.

She was about to tell him not to sweat it when he interrupted her, whipping out his Rubik’s Cube as if the colourful puzzle would mean just about anything to her. Her apologetic expression quickly devolved into a confused one. “Uuuh...ok?” was all she could think to say. She didn’t remember him that well, but she was pretty sure there were nothing like this involved when they had last met.

She was starting to feel just a little bit exasperated, she realised. It had been a long enough day trekking across the island whilst dealing with the frustration of both not being able to find her good pal and the grim reminders that people were out for blood, and the hints of exhaustion had started to creep in when she’d settled down to rest. Now she was having to entertain Alessio, who’s train of thought was pretty much a big question mark to her? Ugh.

“Well, I still need to go find Cams, sooo….” she trailed whilst starting to approach the roof’s doorway, Alessio still standing between her and it. She had every plan to just shimmy past and be on her merry way; sorry for not being friendlier, dude, but time’s a wasting and you’re kind of really freaking awkward.
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