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Something was up.

Bridgette realized if the moment she heard his muffled voice down the hallway, definitely not talking to himself. She slowly rose to her feet when she heard it, slowly creeping towards the door frame as she strained to listen. There was a second voice, a feminine sounding one she couldn't put her finger on. Her mind jumped to the three worst possibilities

Isabel, Nancy, Jasmine...

Then there was a scream. Bridgette jumped when Danny shouted her name, and then a flurry of movement sounded down the hallway. She froze as she listened to the sounds of a fight.

Normally a person would've come to his aid: he'd just called her name, after all, and you should always help a friend in danger. But that sort of thinking was for idiots, altruistic fools that would certainly get themselves killed. Endangered ally or not, Bridgette herself was still in a very dangerous situation. Her mind worked fast, picking between fight or flight

And Bridgette chose to fly.

She spent a moment standing in the doorway before leaping into action. She swirled around and scrambled towards the corner of the room, scooping up Danny’s backpack and slinging over it her shoulder. She immediately spun around and bolted towards the door. She could hear the fight fully now in the hallway, the sound of sputtering and coughing underlying an unholy symphony of tearing flesh. She tore down the hallway in the opposite direction, away from the carnage, away from Danny, and eventually, away from the dormitories.

((Bridgette Sommerfeld continued in In This Starless Night))

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