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Well. That guy existed. And, as Blair was reminded in an unexpected pang of realism and regretting her snide nature, would not continue to exist for very long.

But whatever. He wasn't a concern. Sandra, though...Blair wasn't too upset about Sandra. Poor Noah looked so worried, though, that she had to throw him a bone.

"Hey, look. If we stay here and Sandra was following us, it's more likely she'll find us. Other people too, but like you said, they'll be looking for shelter, right? Not murder. We'll be safe for today, I think. Besides, if we don't know what's up with Sandra tomorrow, we can look by the south shore from last night. She might go back for something or, I dunno, to find us too."

Blair reached over to pat Noah reassuringly. "We'll be okay. Don't worry, dude." She grinned wryly, then pulled her hand back as she started coughing vigorously. Another grim reminder that for her, the time left was short in more than one way.

Clearing her throat of the phlegm, Blair moved into the room and flopped onto the bed. It was not especially comfortable, but whatever. A bed was a bed. "So, you wanna set up camp here for the day? We can look tomorrow. And I'm tired." With that, Blair stretched out onto the bed and yawned.

((Blair Moore continued in Let's Awaken, By the Day))
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