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The atmosphere became uncomfortably morose.

Alice wondered what the other two were thinking. Contemplating mortality was an unpleasant activity, but there wasn't much else to be done, especially if you wanted to avoid drawing attention to yourself. Even searching for well-liked school companions put one at risk.

Off-hand, Alice was sure none of her good friends had shown up on the announcements as killers. They were safe, for what it was worth. But Alice didn't think she'd be able to find any of them. She liked to think she kept good company, so her friends were likely to be sensible enough to avoid danger.

But bad luck and fallibility made that a risky bet. Alice could go hunting for them, but she'd likely not encounter them before...And worse, if she did, what then? They could be comforting to each other, but eventually one or both of them would die. And leave the other alone and despairing.

Alice realized she'd been quiet for several seconds. She glanced up at the others, then moved over to get her bag. An idea had occurred to her. A new plan, riskier, not much more fulfilling, but meaningful all the same. She'd find her friends, ideally Bryony, whom she was closest two. She'd help them survive, as best she could. And hopefully, if her original plan could still be held two, one or even more would survive.

"I'll be going, then." Alice said, trying to sound more confident. "I ah, want to find my friends. Hopefully we can survive together." She smiled slightly, another show of self-assurance, and headed through the doors past the two.

((Alice Baker continued-))

Alice stopped a few feet out the door. "Oh! You're welcome to join me if you like!" She called behind her. Then she departed, hoping with every step that she was making the right choices here, with however much time was left.

((Alice Baker continued in Last Days))
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