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"That's uhh... shit, I dunno"

Johnny scratched at the back of his head, trying to shake his thoughts into order.

"I mean, ya wanna be that selective? You're sayin' that we meet someone not on our list, they're a no-go? Guess I kinda figured that anyone we come across doesn't wanna kill us, an' isn't a total prick, that person's cool, yeah?"

He sat down on the bed amongst what was now the entirety of his worldly possessions, then leant back, pulling a water bottle out from under his spine.

The ceiling was moldy.

"Shit, I never even got blondie's name, and Scarlett I didn't know from dick, but aside from like, y'know, obvious deficits in the judgement department or whatever, it ain't like there was any harm in kickin' with them, right? No more than with Aiden, anyway."

Johnny swallowed, and thought.

"I get where you're going with this, maybe, but I dunno if it's the best idea, yeah? Making a whole list of all your friends, all the people here, in danger n' shit? That's not gonna make anything better, Ray. That'll just make ya miserable."

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