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Vanessa relaxed just a little when Alessio raised his arms. Ok, so he wasn’t about to try anything funny, that was peachy. She still wished he’d spoken up sooner rather than sending her heart beating a mile a minute with his silent watching, but whatever.

She also wished he’d hurry up and spit out whatever he’d come up to say, folding her arms to display her impatience. Ok sure, this wasn’t the most casual setting and yeah people were freaked out, but get to the fucking point out already. She wasn’t really in the mood to start entertaining someone who’d been spying on her for fuck knew how long and then couldn't put together a few words.

When he brought up Peyote Coyote, a light flicked on in her brain as she finally remembered who Alessio was.

He wasn’t really someone she’d given any second thought to, since he was just some random, if cooky, fan from in front of her locker, but here she was face to face with him on an asylum rooftop. Kind of an awkward position, not helped by his awkward choice of conversation.

“Two of them are safe at home, I haven’t found Cams yet.” She replied in as direct a manner she could; Alessio was an expert at making entrances that put Vanessa on edge.

“Have you seen her?”
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