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So Asuka had a better weapon than Nadia and Jerry. That was a plus, although Asuka's hesitancy to use it was a few points off. To Jerry, it was a whole letter grade deducted, however. Nadia was almost ready to roll her eyes and fold her arms at his outburst, but another figure appeared. Nadia bemoaned the fact that they had left the door open and had attracted another person, but she didn't let it show.

Toby was a fighter back home. Nadia didn't know her that well, but the fact that she was calmly approaching them suggested she wasn't playing. Jerry's reaction made it seem like he at least was okay with her, so Nadia didn't have to clutch the chair leg too tightly when looking at Toby.

"Okay, so let's not get too jumpy and angry right now," Nadia said. "Now that we know someone in this room has a gun, I think it's best we do nothing that can result in a hail of gunfire."

"Asuka, I am much better knowing you have a gun. However, if you're really not comfortable carrying it, we can trade, if you'd like."

Nadia held out her chair leg. If the roles were reversed, there was no way Nadia would give up a gun for a chair leg. But then again, she didn't know Asuka that well, so maybe the other girl would take comfort in a less intense weapon.
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