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Just like that, Mia had walked away.

Try as she might, Candice just couldn't figure out what Mia's intentions were. Was she thinking "Let's try someplace else, follow me," or "Hurry up, maybe we can catch up with them if we go this way", or "There might be a good place to hide out in here, let's look around"...

"You're nothing but a waste of space, Al would have been more trusting if there weren't a stranger following along with me, don't let me ever catch you trying to tag along like you think you're actually useful..."

Then again, that was how it had been for pretty much the entire morning, wasn't it? It was all well and good for them to have carried on like there was some kind of bond forming between them back in the dorms, but that'd quickly ended. Sure, Mia had said a few things during their trek across the island that resembled an attempt at getting closer to each other, but then either Mia would stop talking or Candice would stop talking and the silence would come back in full force. She honestly doubted that there'd been enough conversation between the two of them to fill a passing period.

Really, is it any wonder that Mia wouldn't feel it necessary to come out and explicitely say that they were splitting up? Had they communicated even about practical matters like that, or had they just been awkwardly travelling in the same direction?

"I know Al. He's a sweet guy and absolutely wouldn't harm a fly. It'll be fine. You can trust me. Honest."

"Might as well just head this way and... see what's going on, right?"

...well, it wasn't much, but it was there. Really, once she thought about it Candice realized it was herself that had been the barrier here.

She was the one who just followed along without contributing in any way.

She was the one who let all the attempts at conversation die out.

Mia might not've been big on communicating her plans, but she was way ahead of Candice. Let's see, what else was there...

"It'll be all right."


It wasn't going to be possible to return to that sense of optimism they'd had while leaving the dormitories. Running into an acquantance, only for him to utterly reject even the possibility of an alliance... that was going to be a blow to morale that couldn't just be wiped away like that. It was a scene that should've been completely stacked in their favor, someone who should've been a shoe-in for an ally, and they'd blown it. But even so...

Even following that...

Candice was determined that she was not going to screw up with the ally that she already had.

((Candice Banks continued in "I've Swallowed Half an Hourglass"))
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