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Dot didn't mind Asha concealing her weapon until it proved to be necessary to scare Iz off.. Well, she'd prefered to have known about it before that encounter, but she was still was happy to learn that they had something to defend themself. Like, the two sticks were, well, two sticks. Dot thought about it, and decided they could be used as firewood, or splinters, or something.

She didn't need to whack someone over the head as long they had the taser. One zap, and the threat was gone. It was also good just to scare someone off.

Dot would have like to get Asha's weapon because she wouldn't have mind shooting Iz with it and run away. Yes, it was an impulsive thought, but Isabel was scary and she'd rather not lose her head because of her.

But in the end, it was Iz that left, and Asha and Dot were still alive and kicking.

Yet, the question of Wayne still remained, and Asha quickly answered it. As she did her best to keep her calm while she explained what happened, Dot became red. Out of shame, mainly. She was the one that woke him, she was the one that felt asleep right after, she was the one that stayed asleep while Iz was here, and she felt like a burden.

Oh my, the little Dot started to feel her weight pulling down Asha.

That's what she is. A weight, a burden, a chain attached to the leg of a prisonner, that's what she felt like. She wanted to ignore that feeling, to ignore the pain that came with it, but it grew inside of her. She was scared of the future. 24 hours in and Dot's mind was already showing cracks from her doubts.

Not that it really mattered, but it was just be a matter of time before she would be alone. Just a matter of time, just a matter of days, maybe hours before Dorothy's only compagny would be her mind.

She didn't want to be alone, she was scared of the emptiness, the loneliness and the weakness. She hated every seconds of it, wanting to stay connected with her phone and computer, never letting go of her parents's hands when they walked around the park as a child.

Wayne leaving with Asha's stuff, Iz coming in her life just to leave quickly (even she was the scariest monster she's met), the announcement with the deaths, all of those things reminded her of her fate. Everyone will, one day, be alone. Everybody will face it soon, and Dot didn't want to think about it. She didn't want to sit down and have for sole compagny her breathing.

''Don't leave me, okay?''
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