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Van's eyes. They were so beautiful, but so scary to look at. Looking at the sun was much more comfortable for him. He stared into the sunset while replying. But it was not helping to think clearly.


What were even the chances to meet Vanessa out of all the people on the island? Was it luck? Desti-no. He got what he wanted. But did he ever express to want to meet her? On this island, probably not. Perhaps, yeah. Last night he felt lonely, all he wanted to have company. He wanted to talk to Vanessa.

"Uhm, if."

A break. Her stare. She was angry at him. Hate him? No. But still, not friendly. In this situation. Yes. People are mistrusting people. When hearing about people killing people were announced this morning. Yes.

He scared her.


She was threatening him with a chair leg...oh. The chair in the room with Serena. He recalled. Vanessa was as smart as he always believed.

He was not dangerous, a misunderstanding. He would not hurt or attack Vanessa. No, if there was a way to protect her from the people who did, he would do that. Even if he was not strong.

Arms up.

"Unarmed. Not dangerous."

How does speaking work again? He needed to talk, wanted to talk his heart out to Vanessa. But he had no clue what to say. Blackout. What topic?

He finally looked at Vanessa again. Then at the floor next to her. She looked so scared, so scared of death. Just like he was. She could relate. But.

To think of her dying is even more terrifying than thinking about himself dying. Van was worth more than 100 lives.


Alessio was speechless what to say.

In the ideal trip he also would have spent the trip talking with her. He also wanted to talk her on the bus, but the sits next to her already were taken. So he had to sit next to someone else. Al assumed even if they had not been abducted, he would have not talked with her. In the museum, he would have hung out with Alvaro or Mia, instead of talking with Vanessa and Cam and the other people she hung out with.

He could have socialised more. Spent more time with Vanessa before she graduated. Now, he felt loneliness. SOTF happened and made him sad. His past were a string of bad decisions of not talking to her.

But even now, he would not have been able to properly speak to Vanessa about anything. Topic. Death? Cats? Band?

"Peyote. Uh, Coyote is great. Are...the other band members alright? Now? Uh."

His hands shook. Conversations were hard. He'd prefer just looking, no speaking. Why did he even say that?
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