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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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"Hey dipshit, I asked you a question."

Tch. He was just spewing out nonsense. Scout just slapped the boy across the cheek, a light tap compared to the punches, She abandoned her squint in favor of a dead stare. Her knuckles ached, and she was prepared to blame it all the boy beneath her.

"Is that your name?"

She clicked her tongue. Whatever. She loosened her grip and pushed him, letting his shoulders and head collide with the floor beneath him. She did not let up though. Scout Pfeiffer was mad as hell, and this guy's whining and crying was making her anger worse by the second.

"You telling me the truth?"

She reached for the bonesaw. Whipped it out, brandished it.

"If you lie to me," Scout said, "I'll kill you."

There was a sliver of a hesitation there, between 'now' and 'I'll'. Deep down she knew she wasn't going to do it. She did not attack the boy in order to kill him. But Alvaro did not know that. As far as the ugly expression on her face was concerned, she was going to kill him regardless of whether he actually answered the question or not.
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