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Cass homed in on the they, something Trav had missed completely. Thank god she was travelling with him. He wasn't sure if she was right or anything like that, but she obviously paid attention to the details. Irene for her part still didn't look like a threat in anyway, shape or form but she was definately acting weird, especially with the whole silently watching them look at a body deal she had going. That was weird and creepy.

He raised an eyebrow and glanced over at Cass as Irene stumbled through her explanation.

"Don't worry, we're not a judge and jury." He grinned, he had deliberately left out executioner there. It seemed a bit too strong.

Trav rubbed his ear near where it had gone all cauliflowered. He guessed this was the reality they had been avoiding on the roof. Not knowing the truth of what anyone said or if they were planning something. Never knowing if the next person they saw would try to kill them. It was a lot to have to consider and plan around, but if they wanted to find their friends they would have to dive in to their new world.

That didn't mean Trav was going to let it get to him but then he supposed he was lucky in one respect. In basically every close combat situation he had the advantage, not that he intended to use it against others unless threatened. But what it did give him was a feeling of relative safety, he knew that he could dump someone upside down on the ground before they could react. That helped make him relaxed, or at least as relaxed as he could realistically be given the scenario.

"Honestly, I don't think anyone did." He said looking back over Jane's body. It was like he had said originally, it was fucked.
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