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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Nancy turned to face her. Jasmine stopped scowling.

The problem with sneaking up on someone from behind is that you can't see their face. Jasmine heard Nancy's voice clear as day but you can only interpret so much with just a voice. When Nancy turned around, when their eyes met, when she saw the tears that were forming in Nancy's eyes...

Her heart flooded. She slouched.

"H - Hey Nancy."

Jasmine normally called her Nan-see-chan back home. There was warmth in Jasmine's voice but the lack of endearment betrayed the fact that, no, Jasmine's guard was not down.

She glanced at the scene in front of her. Things started to fall into place once logic took over. There was no way a *gun* of all things could have done this. She also did not want to believe Nancy could kill anyone but that was besides the point.

She almost apologized, almost. Jasmine did not even know why she wanted to apologize to Nancy. For suspecting her? For making a mean face? Nancy might have killed someone yeah but she was still Nancy. Nancy was a nice girl. What Jasmine caught of her little speech reminded her of her friend, not a murderer.

Plus. Jasmine killed someone too.

"That's different. He pushed you and you pushed back, totally different."

Yeah, you know that. I know that. But does Nancy know that? Does anyone on this island know that?

No. No they do not know that. Nancy does not know that.

Jasmine wanted to hug Nancy then. Normally it was Nancy who was the hugger, Jasmine the huggee. The tables were turned and Jasmine felt awkward. She took a step forward. She nearly dropped her sword.

"Hey, hey, it's okay, don't cry." She tried to smile. It was hard to smile when there was blood covering the floor. "I'm not here to hurt you."

. . .

Somebody called her 'Jazzy', her nickname. The nickname she gave herself. Few people called her by that name, and Nancy was one of them. The other?

She'd recognize that voice anywhere.

Jasmine spun around in the open doorway. Shock registered on her face when she came face to face with Caedyn. She dropped her sword.


She launched herself at Caedyn. Caught her in a big big hug. Then she kissed her. Kissed her really hard.
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