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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(Gming approved by Yugikun.)

Did... Did he just try to kick her in the guts?

There are certain things you learn, growing up in Brooklyn. Certain things you just have to learn growing up. Brooklyn seems to speed up that process, makes everything a bit bitter too. One of the things Scout knew was how to defend herself. Basic shit really, just in case. Scout had never been in an actual fight. Closest she came was when some prick in seventh grade socked her in the cheek. Not her greatest moment.

The boy on the floor was not in the same league as that punk. The fact that he thought one swift kick was going to get her to stop was pathetic to say the least. Scout grunted. She cursed under her breath.

Scout found herself on top of him now. She kept him pinned down, put the weight of her body forward. She aimed for his face. Made fists so tight her knuckles turned snow white.

The first punch went for his jaw. The next landed in his face, according to plan. The third and forth? Honestly it did not matter where they landed. The first two were enough. He looked like he was tenderized before she even stumbled into him. Probably tried to attack someone else, go 2-0.

Scout grinned, inwardly. Outwardly her face was cold. She grabbed the boy by the scruff of his neck.

"What's your name?" Scout asked.
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