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The roof had a nice view and all, but it didn’t make for either the most comfortable or safest place to spend the night. Vanessa roused herself from her state and stretched out, ready to head out again and see if she didn’t have more luck searching in the twilight. Maybe Cams would’ve bunkered down somewhere to sleep, which would mean she wasn’t a moving target.

Up on her feet, she turned around and headed- JESUS HOW LONG HAD HE BEEN THERE?

Vanessa almost fell off the roof to an untimely demise when she saw Alessia standing near the doorway, staring right at her. She was able to catch herself, fortunately, but the startled look stayed on her face.

“Christ dude, fucking say something next time!”

Vanessa didn’t really recognise Alessio off the top of her head, that awkward locker conversation a distant, trivial memory at this point, and that did nothing to relax her. After all, what kind of fucking creep stood there watching you sprawled out, trying to sneak up on you and all that shit?

Oh, right. That whole terrorist mass murder thing.

She grabbed her impromptu club of a chair leg that had been poking out of her bag, standing her uneven ground as she gave Alessio a cautionary look, like a rattlesnake asking you to kindly not screw around with it. She wasn’t going to let him try anything if that had been his plan, but it would be fan-fuckin’-tastic if that wasn’t the case.
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