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“It’s fine. Just… you know, we’re just...” Clarice trailed off and shrugged, before wincing and remembering, oh yeah, the shoulder. Natalie backed off, and then immediately someone else turned up.

Clarice wrinkled her nose at Ty’s comment and turned towards him.

“What’s the alternative? Corpses?” Her tone was harsh.

She then turned away to look at the newcomer. She primarily knew Wayne by sight. Knew he was a basketballer. Knew he wasn’t a huge asshole. She thought, at first glance, that he looked weirdly bulky or weighed down or—

It clicked. He was carrying two bags.

That could mean a lot of things. He could have found them. Scavenged them. Stolen them. Murdered someone for them. He didn’t look like he was running at them with a gun or anything. But Natalie was already approaching him, and it sounded a little like she was about to go into the same offer she’d just shared with Clarice.

...Girl could not pick her targets. Clarice could just let it happen, but… well, her conscience would be rattling at her after. She didn’t want Natalie to learn a lesson about being careful the same way Clarice had.

So Clarice backed away from the edge of the bridge, and put herself between Natalie and Wayne, her good arm stretched out towards Natalie to stop her from moving past.

“Hold on.”

She shifted, trying to stare Wayne down. Hard when he was looking down like that. The sort of body language that, were Clarice watching this as a film, she’d go ‘that guy’s being shifty, he’s probably important. A minor villain or at least a red herring.’

“Hey. Hey, Wayne. Eyes up here, I’m talking to you.” Clarice snapped her fingers and then gestured at her eyes. “Where’d you get the second bag?”

Risky, to confront someone like this, but what could she really lose that the island wasn’t already set on taking away?
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