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Rene watched Sleepyhead rise from his slumber. She also watched him walk right past them and out of the cabin, eyes lingering on the door for a few moments after he was out of sight. She had no explanation for this, nor any clue what Sleepyhead's own reasoning could be. At a loss for words, she did her best to noiselessly react to whatever had just unfolded. She pointed a finger towards the door of the cabin and turned her head back to Noah and Blair with a look of very justified confusion and a thought process to match.

This is a weird day.

Awkward silence followed as Rene's eyes moved from Blair, to Noah, and back and forth once more while she tried to think of something to say. Noah had already laid out a couple of options, but Rene hadn't really thought of anything else to bring to the table. She had a feeling that the others were expecting her to say something, so she decided to just say the first thing that came to mind.

"Uh... shit."

Wonderful. Thought-provoking.

Once she was done mentally berating herself, she shook it off and tried again. "I mean... yeah, I guess I wouldn't mind staying around here for a little while. If we have a plan for it, I mean."
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