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(skipping Rugga w. permission)

You can't actually tackle someone in roller derby. Yes, contact sport, but the contact zones were very clear, and as a blocker, Kaitlyn sure as shit had them committed to heart. Target the arms, hands, front, hips, thighs. Not the legs, back, head, or booty. More important to know were the body parts you could actually use to block. No hands, meaning no grabbing or tossing or hairpulling, or at least none that the ref could see. No kicking, no head-butting, no elbowing. You can hit the other girl with your shoulder, upper arm, torso, thighs, hips, or booty.

Yes, booty was in the official rule book, take that you half-fucked other sports.

So Kaitlyn might not be as much of an expert on the matter as she'd hoped to be. So she would have to improvise how she was going to do this. Against Kimiko the armed killer.

And that realization, come to while creeping to the inner treeline in what really wasn't a vast concealing forest, let Kaitlyn to ruminate for a moment on the fact that she hadn't the slightest fucking clue how she was going to pull this off.

Because she did know that. She wasn't dumb, she wasn't off her meds, not that she took any meds. No, Kaitlyn had a connection to the reality of this situation.

Now, about her feelings on that knowledge?

That was a better question to turn over in her head, but it only made a half-rotation before she pulled the plug and focused on Alan strolling up and making like a king.

Kaitlyn held her breath. Well, one in their favor. Alan had stopped Kimiko in about the best spot he could. And double the pleasure, the dumb little twit had been caught flatfooted. Okay, that wasn't fair. Kaitlyn'd never felt 'dumb' emanate from Kimiko given what she knew of her. But regardless, Kimiko had one of those Japanese katana sword thingos hanging over her shoulder, and nothing in her hands. The BKA gun must be stowed away safely in her pack.

Holy no duh yes. This would work and to the victor would go the spoils.

She gave Kimiko a few seconds to reply (hehehehehe) to Alan. He had some skills. But no, it didn't look like yesterday's reigning champ was about to just relinquish her stuff. Instead Kimiko was tapping her weapon. And she was only what, twenty feet up and to the left of where Kaitlyn was? Maybe she could just sneak up from behind without her even noticing.

Kaitlyn crept out of the treeline, and took a few quiet steps, crouched low. Which she could totally hear, because what the hell did she know about stealth? Grah. There was no way she was gonna be able to tiptoe through the daisies here.

OK then.

Kaitlyn broke into a full-on sprint.

"Yaaaig! Give us the weapons, ya fuckin' mutie freak!"

At the second-to-last moment Kaitlyn had a flash of enough instinct -- given the potential of Kimiko having time to draw that sword and skewer Kaitlyn's face -- to go low on the tackle instead of high. She half-dove, half-slide tackled, and adrenaline surged through her like a jolt of coffee at 1 in the morning.

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