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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Noah was content to sit around and kiki with the girls until Rip van Winkle decided to join them, but Blair brought up a harsh point. They might not find Sandra, and they'd have to be ready to move on. Mentally, Noah was prepared to nope that thought right the fuck out the back door. Even more worrying was the idea that Sandra might not have even been there when they left their campsite. Noah now struggled to think about if he even saw Sandra there a while ago. Was he that panicked that he carelessly forgot a friend?

Noah shook his head. Before he could respond, the other guy appeared, looked at the group, then ran away. Noah wanted to call out, but the guy was gone before he could say anything.

"Okay..." was all he managed.

He then turned back to Blair.

"Right. I don't necessarily believe we can't find Sandra. I guess we'll know tomorrow if she made it out of the zone or not. But still, we need to think about what we should do next. Like, I want this cabin, but others will come to it since it's shelter. Likewise, we should have an idea if we do get separated when we run out again."

"So. Any ideas? Floor's open."
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