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Yeah, that was basically the best way that could have ended.

Asha had almost burst into laughter as Isabel made her grandiose threats and left, but she thankfully managed to restrain herself to a smirk. God, what a fucking edgelord. She must have spent a long time rehearsing those lines. Iz made for a good slasher villain, aesthetically, but she had about as much subtlety as the Freddies and Jasons of the world. Still, for all her bluster; Asha had no doubt that Isabel wouldn't hesitate to carry out her threats.

That didn't scare her at all, honestly. It wasn't exactly the end Asha would prefer for herself, but any amount of pain, no matter how excruciating, paled before the infinity that she would spend afterwards doing whatever it was dead people did while they rotted. Why stress about something that'd be over in a blink of the universe's eye? Oh, the thought of Isabel being unleashed on other people was still a sobering thought, though; victims who would do their damnedest to cling to their lives, feel the full brunt of the unique agonies she would inflict.

It was unfortunate, but Dot's happiness remained Asha's direct responsibility; and she didn't see any way she could have otherwise dealt with Isabel without sacrificing that. Much as she wished otherwise, Asha wasn't some many-eyed, black-feathered angel (cliche, but come on, it was still aesthetic) who could right all the island's wrongs with a wink and a twirl. She would do what she could, and nothing more, and wouldn't beat herself up over what if's.

Dot still seemed to be doing okay, at least. Asha shrugged and turned to her. "Preeeetty much! I mean, not this bad, but she's never been a nice person. Like, I didn't expect her to end up all murdery, but I, uh, can't say I'm all that surprised either? She's gone now, at least." She finally exhaled, stopped fidgeting with her taser.

"So. Now that we're both awake and alright again, I gotta come clean about a couple things. First, the taser," Asha said, casually holding it up. "I, uh, have one. Obviously. Sorry for keeping it hidden, but I didn't want it to freak you guys out, y'know? I've only got one shot for it now, anyway after that shitbird-" She cut herself off, taking another deep breath. "Okay. About that. You know how I said Wayne ditched us? That wasn't everything. He took my bag when he left, too; so our supplies are gonna be stretched pretty thin by the end of today. Sorry."
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