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Silence. In part because she was thinking over what they had said. In part because her head was swimming, her arm was tight and crackling, her vision blurry. Had she pushed herself too far?

Go down swinging.

Can't we all just be happy?

"What's the point?" she asked.

A moment's silence. It took her a second to figure out she'd actually spoken.

"Go down swinging," she said. "You're not alone. Lotta people are gonna go down swinging. Lotta people already have. Yesterday. And in all the games before."

"And happy?" She shook her head, though she was smiling slightly. "It's a...it's a nice thought," she admitted. "I'd like it. But even if you did..." She tapped the collar on her neck, and the slight reverberation undulated across the ragged scraped and bruises on her throat.

"Can you be happy?" she asked. "Can you go down swinging? Can you-"

A new voice. Tara struggled to crane her head, her neck fighting her for every inch. Leslie Price. Tall. Kind of a statuesque stunner, really. They'd met in some writing group. She couldn't remember which one.

"Hey," she said. "How've you been?"
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