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((Alessio Rigano continued from Early Morning in the Garden of Good and Evil))

And Alessio found no direction. He wandered. No direction where to go. No direction where to stay. Alessio was breathing, but his breathing was not making him feel happy. He had hunger. He felt lonely. He was sleepy.

He had missed his chance. He had cowarded out of the group of Noah. Back then he felt scared. Now he felt scared. Back then there was Blair. Now he felt alone.

Wandering through the asylum, he discovered a stair, that led to. Beauty.

And the sun sinking. And Vanessa. The view. It was so beautiful.

His heartbeat. Al could not judge if it was a good heartbeat or a bad one. Did he feel good or bad? He could not tell.

His heart beats. Heartbeats. The song by Jose Gonzales. It was so romantic, yet so quiet, yet so beautiful. Al's heart beat. How did the tabs go? Al could not recall. He had learned them sometimes, it was such a beautiful song. He wanted to recall the tabs of them. Any tabs. He wanted his guitar. He wanted to sing her every song he could play. He wanted to play her all embarrassing songs he had written for her. He wanted to release his soul from it, before the death will take away his songs with him.


He knew the song from Scrubs. The song was touching. The scene was touching. Scrubs was great. Was that fitting because they were in an asylum? He wished, it would have been like Scrubs. Hah. Comedy. Let's laugh.

But sometimes it also was about dying. Like now. Like this week. This situation. He was scared, afraid of losing everything.

He should not be scared. He should man up. Talk to V. But couldn't. Say. A. Word.

Having these kind of songs in his head. Al wanted to cry. But he looked at the beauty instead.

And when she looked back, Al...uh.
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