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Vanessa just went along with it as Lizzie thanked her for the company. She didn’t think offering her fairly shallow ‘there there’s’ would’ve been that helpful, but hey, if it made Lizzie feel better about everything then it was a net win, she supposed.

She also went along with Min-Jae and his romantic reunion. She didn’t know that Jae had a girlfriend, but then she hadn’t known all that much about him before yesterday anyway. Was that a twinge of disappointment she felt when the two hugged? Well, it was whatever anyway.

So then he shot off (well, limped off), and she was left alone with just Jordan. Unlike the last time she’d had a one-on-one with a stranger, no-one had beaten Jordan’s face in, nor did he have a busted leg, so Vanessa had much less incentive to stick around.

“Sooo if he’s going off with her, and I’m guessing you’re sticking with her too, I’ll just bail to find Cams? Cool? Cool, peace.”

She flicked a casual V-gesture to emphasise her farewell, then picked up her things and headed off. Jae was in good hands, and now she could get to searching at full speed. Between making someone a little less distraught and reuniting some star-crossed lovers, she was being pretty damn productive this morning.

((Vanessa Stone continued in Sunset Boulevard))
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