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This wasn't meant to be how it went.


There'd been all these budding thoughts about fixing... stuff. Maybe tracking down people and fixing his old mistakes before they all kicked it. Just starting thoughts, but not there yet. He'd always thought 'there'd be tomorrow.' Figures that the day he finally realised that wouldn't always be true would be the exact day it wasn't true for him.

Thought wasn't as coherent as that for him, though. It was hard to feel specific, eloquent regrets when someone had a sword in your... spleen, maybe? Fuck if he knew. There was just this shitload of fear tinged with sadness.


He tried crying out. This time, definitely for help. But something had punctured, and now he couldn't make any noise except a raspy gurgle.

The fear was slipping away. Replaced by the weird numbness spreading across his chest. That was... nicer, he supposed, but he... he didn't want to go like this, he couldn't go like this... there was so much he hadn't done...

Squelch. Squelch.

Danny stretched his arm out, finger tips touching Tuney, some muddled, bloody thought that he could make up for this if, perhaps, he just smashed that over Isabel's head like he'd tried to do to Sandy.

That would have been a much better idea than grabbing the halberd. And so Danny managed to cram in one final regret.

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