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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Jerry let loose a... he wasn't honestly sure what to call it. A groan? A roar? 'Roar' sounded a bit more pleasantly royal and intimidating, but given that this was an utterance of irritation and being totally fed up with somebody's shit, 'intimidation' was not his first goal in mind. He followed it up, then, by bringing the pinky-side base of his fist against the plaster of the wall. Jerry would have rather full-on punched the wall, but one busted knuckle from punching a cinderblock when he was twelve taught him better of that.

First lesson, don't punch a cinderblock. Second lesson, if you're going to whack something out of irritation, make sure it's a part of your hand and not something that crumples up faster than a bag of chips in the presence of a fat kid. Jerry really wanted to punch Ass-ka here more than the wall, but he was willing to wager that Nadia would get all up in his ass about that being unneeded aggression or something.

"You're fucking weak. Right now, I do NOT need this safe-space 'hur hur I can't function in society' BULLSHIT!" Jerry's chest heaved, followed by a sharp exhale. "You got a gun? Cool. Either put it to good use or hand it over. And I don't mean use it on me, either. You point a gun anywhere in my direction at all, and-"

... Wait. Toby?

Jerry's jaw was still clenched, but he allowed his lips to close as he grumpily moved his eyes over to look at Toby while keeping Asuka weeeeell in his line of vision.

"... Yo. Seen Trav lately? He ain't dead?"
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