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Isabel's face expressed a wide variety of emotions once she realized that Danny tried to take her halberd.

Betrayal. Fear. Disappointment.


Isabel's arm moved by itself and sunk the sword into Danny's chest, a snarl of rage escaping her lips.

Despite having a sword stuck in him, Danny was oddly quiet. She thought they usually screamed. Conrad screamed.

"I..." Isabel looked briefly between Danny's face and back and the sword. "...I guess I couldn't trust you after all," Isabel said. "You could've just gone along with me. You wouldn't have a hole where your liver should be that way."

"You made me do this."

Isabel twisted the sword in Danny's chest, the pained chokes escaping his lips filling her with the same rush that she had gotten before. Both times before. Yanking the sword out from between Danny's ribs, he fell to the ground, writhing. Completely at her mercy. She sunk the sword into a different part of his chest, a smile forming on her face as Danny gasped and coughed.

Out and back in the sword went. Stabbing vital organ after vital organ, the squelching noises emitted by Danny's body becoming more vigorous until suddenly, it stopped. Isabel stopped, her breathing ragged.

She had lost control again. She let the feelings overcome her again, but in spite of that realization, she shook with excitement as Danny breathed his last breath.
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