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"Well, you know. Gotta see the humor in things, right?"

Danny wasn't smiling anymore, though. Isabel had met Asha. She had been rejected. And... well, maybe Danny could see a little sense in what Isabel said. Maybe even felt sorry for her. Friends were hard to lose, and how often had Danny told a lie or said a rude comment to keep a friendship? Or lost one just by being him? Ruined a possibility of friendship by not coming clean with a cool girl who would have been a great friend, like Fiyori? It wasn't the same as murder but the island was different, right?

So maybe Danny, for a brief moment, meant to do something else. Being kind. Showing mercy or friendship or something. But then... Isabel turned her back.

The weapon on her back... it jolted him back into reality.

She had still killed two people. Maybe more. She never said she spared Asha. And Bridgette... Bridgette was still near, and what if Isabel decided she wasn't as friendly as Danny?

So Danny stared at the halberd for a moment. Then he lunged. Not to hurt her . Maybe. Just... if he had the weapon, he could make sure Isabel wouldn't try anything.

He didn't take into account that the halberd was fastened onto Isabel. All his attempt to yank it away did was pull Isabel towards him.

And the look on her face... the sword in her hands...

Danny panicked.

"Bridge?" he whispered, before raising his voice and screaming. "BRIDGE!"

Whether he was screaming for her to run or rescue him was unclear even to him. Either way it was the last thing he said before there was a nasty squelch.

The sword in his chest made it hard to scream.
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