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The annoucement confirmed Dot's biggest fear: she was standing in front of a killer, she didn't kill only one person too. Two people lost their lives because of that sword and that big thing she couldn't name of hers. Gosh, she wished she whacked Iz over the head and ran away instead of offering something that could spell her death.

Someone won something cool or something like that because they killed someone and, well, Iz didn't like that. Isabel wanted to win, so she wanted to prove herself as threat, maybe? Or maybe it was to get whatever thing they gave to this Kimiko girl and kill even more people. Dorothy wasn't sure, and she didn't really listen to the announcement too. She heard the names but didn't analyze them, they just went through one ear and left through the other.

The names of the deads and the killers didn't mattered. The only thing that did was the fact that Isabel had this thing in her hands and she could end Dot's life in an instant. Then Asha's. Or maybe in the reversed order, or maybe even at the same time! Dot, despite the threat, was actually scared. She was nervous, stressed about the maybe-death she'll receive. The maybe-pain she'll have when that sword will go through her face, or chest, or leg, or whatever. The maybe-there-blood that will stain her cloth.

Yet something made her walk away, and it wasn't Asha's diss. It was the thing the nicer ballerina held in her hands. Dot decided it was a taser - or was that a tazer ? She wished she had Google. - and it obviously scared Iz off them. She was about leave their sight that she, like a villain from Gossip Girls or something, turned around and taunted them.

Dot's gears started to grind. Slowly but surely, she'd understand what that meant. A little bit of oil here and there, the gears were spinning rapidly until a connexion in Dorothy's neuron was made. This meant that Dorothy made an enemy. There was someone out there that wouldn't mind hurting her, that could maybe even enjoy it.

And how she ended that sentence wasn't reassuring at all. Iz would make them beg to killer them, at least that's what Dot understood.

Dear gosh, Dorothy had to restrain herself from taunting Isabel back with a wave and a smile, or with a ''see you next time!'' She didn't say anything because she didn't want that girl to come back even they could shock her and take her stuff, she didn't want to smell the sour aroma of dry blood and sweat. She sighed and turned toward Asha,

''Has she always been like that? Like, you know, a psycho?''
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