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“You promise to keep in touch?”
“Of course.”

“You’ll be there won’t you? It’s next week.”
“I wouldn’t miss it.”

The words were different, but the feeling was the same. Her heart broke and Hazel wasn’t certain if it was even worse that it wasn’t there for her either. Were they both just too polite? She froze, unsure how to fix what was done or figure out where there had been a misstep. The wound up ball of tension in the pit of her stomach wasn’t going to unravel.

With her eyes closed tightly she let him kiss her and embrace her. She felt icy cold all of the sudden and hollow. Hazel was acutely aware of the breezy night air.

“Thanks,” she said, mustering up her acting chops to sound sexy and breathy. Hazel cringed inwardly. It was a horrible thing to say post-coitus.

She debated adding in some other word after like “stud” or something more tender like “honey,” but left it at that. Hazel exhaled deeply, feeling tired like how she used to feel staying up late to study for a test. It was a heavy, worried sort of tired. She lingered for a moment before rolling to the side and gathering up her discarded clothes.
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