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"We were in the Danger Zone," Sandra said, addressing Keith's question, "Pretty sure we were too busy scrambling for safety to make sure we stuck together."

Alice went to apologize, which perplexed Sandra at first. Of course, it wasn't an apology, but a condolence. Not a "I'm sorry for what I did" but "I'm sorry that that happened to you".

Sandra simply sighed.

"I dunno what to do at this point. Find friends, I guess, but..." she started, the next part of her sentence, then stopped.

What good was finding her friends going to do if they were all going to die, anyway? Sandra could only think of one, that dying in the company of friends was better than dying alone, or worse, dying at the hands of some maniac.

The announcements proved that such a thing was possible, after all.

But you know what would be better than dying in the company of friends? Not dying. Going home.

It was selfish of her, but Sandra still sought that as her end goal. And of course, that meant...

Kill someone.

Sandra looked away from Alice and Keith.
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