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Nancy turned around and almost jumped when she saw Jasmine standing there.

Jasmine. Nancy wanted to smile, to cry out in happiness, but she couldn't. Not after what had happened just downstairs.

Not after seeing Jasmine's face.

She wasn't happy to see her, it was evident. The girl looked at her, like she had just...


Nancy still held the gun in her left hand, and the hatchet in her right. Jasmine was standing right there. Nancy could easily.

But she couldn't. Couldn't even think of doing something like that. Because Jasmine wasn't just another name, just another casual acquaintance she could off and only feel slight remorse for.

Because Jasmine was someone Nancy truly cared about. It seemed that that feeling was one-sided right now.


A statement.

Nancy gulped, her eyes threatening to spill tears.


A plea.
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