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Hazel didn’t want to say anything and was so concentrated with the task that she wouldn’t have known what to say anyway. Everything was starting to break down and she wasn’t sure why. He tensed and went still. She let go of his hand and gripped both sides of his hips for greater leverage.

What if this was the last chance of either of them to ever be happy before the bit it and it was her fault it was getting messed up? Hazel thought that if she tried harder, if she followed her heart and if she had someone who felt the same things would line up. Sure, maybe they hadn’t always in the past, but the stakes were never this high. The rocking motion became longer and she leaned farther back and stifled her noises with one hand so that she wouldn't be heard. Hazel leaned forward and uncovered her mouth after a moment.

“Do you love me?” she gasped with her mouth by his ear.
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