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“Yeah. Yeah, I… y’know, was looking for a bathroom. That’s all. Hi. ...It’s not a good bathroom, though, I’m just going to… to step out a bit.”

Danny shuffled a little forwards, closing the door behind him. He thought the fact that Isabel was being chill would be better, but really… it was kind of scaring him. Same way as Jeremy being way too chill about the whole death battle thing hadn’t sat right.

She thought he was alone. She didn’t know about Bridgette.

Danny looked at her for a moment. Took in the blood. The chill. Then averted his eyes slightly. He patted the CD player, giving a very forced grin.

“Y-yep. All alone except for me and, er, Tunes here.”

Terrible name. He could have done better.


Hmm. Maybe? Maybe it was short for Petunia.
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