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This was bad.

Alan was a lot bigger than she was and had a massive shield. He had also been waiting for her, meaning he had time to plan how this whole encounter was going to play out. Kimiko found it curious then that if he had a gun like he said he did, he hadn't used it, or drawn it. It lined up with what she had been thinking, people so far didn't mean her harm. But they did expect her to harm them. The encounter reminded her of the one she had with Samuel, a stand-off where the other party expected her to drop her weapon. This time it was slightly different though as Alan knew she had killed Cristo, she assumed he didn't know about Bradley, and he wanted the weapon he knew she had. He wasn't giving her very good choices though.

Despite his threats Kimiko couldn't help but feel like something was off. If he had a gun why didn't he have it drawn? It didn't match up. Kimiko tilted her head as she considered him. He must have been expecting her to have a gun, that much was obvious, what was he going to do when he found out she didn't have one? Shoot her with Schrodinger's gun? The idea that there was something else going on was starting to take a much deeper rooting in the back of her mind but considering the options she had Kimiko thought it was be best to play along up to a point. Maybe, if she was lucky, he would give up and back off when he found out the nodachi was her reward. She had no intention of letting him know about the tantō.

Raising her left hand, palm out facing him, Kimiko slowly brought it across her body and tapped the nodachi hanging from her shoulder. She hoped the implication was clear. 'This is my weapon'. She did not however put it down. It stayed where it was, hanging from her shoulder. No danger to anyone and no way for her to quickly draw it.

Right now she wasn't a threat to him.
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