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There was a lot of incredulity wound up in that they. Trav seemed to be taking the whole thing in a stride, but Cass had honed in on her, and it didn't take long for Irene to realize why. They implied an object, a person or group of persons in mind, which could shed light on this whole thing. Give them some advanced warning on who to look out for, all that jazz. It'd be nice to have something like that. They'd probably think less of her for seeing it and doing nothing, but at least she could help. At least she could tell them something useful.

Instead, Irene swallowed and squeezed Johnny Three a little harder, nodding her head. "They. Y'know just..." There was a group in mind. But it wasn't whoever had killed Jane specifically. Even if Irene wasn't the most popular girl in school or something, she felt like she knew almost everyone, especially among the juniors and seniors. The Cochise classes were a group, an us, a collection of people with a shared connection by proximity. There was fighting, and disagreeing, and cliques, but they were all still part of a group. Irene just couldn't conceive the people would murdered their classmates as part of us, though, and so they became they. "The murderers, I mean," she finished quietly. "I...Jane's not the first. First body I've seen, like, there was Josh, and..." She didn't know where she was going with this. She just curled up a little more and stared at the ground.

"I never thought any of us could do something like that."

And so us hadn't. They had.
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