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As the two stood close to the tower and talked to each other, neither of them looked armed, so Serena walked closer to the pair. It was a dumb idea, it went against everything she had told Al earlier and one of them looked like they had been through some shit, but Serena didn't care, after the night she just had, she needed to talk to someone.

It was then someone burst out the tower, running away fast enough Serena could barely tell who it was. A boy, she'd seen him around school sometimes, she blanked on the name. Whoever it was, something bad must have happened to spook him so badly. It gave Serena second thoughts about being here.

The pair looked suprised at the retreating boy, before talking to each other again. She could have left when the boy ran out, hell she probably should have, but she didn't. Instead she raised her hand and waved at them, trying her best to come off as friendly.
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