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Well um that's not to say he's treating this like it was no big deal. He was serious. Deadly serious-- okay, that was shitty. And it wasn't like they were gonna kill Kimiko here. Just, um. What's the phrase. Relieve her of her weapon. That's a nice euphemistic way of saying it. And, and, if things go ugly they might end up relieving her of her life too! So the joke actually kind of worked. Huzzah or something.


Yeah. Back to the task at hand. And he was gonna have a little fun with this, because well why not? Of course he was serious. That was his creed. No, seriously, it might not look like it, because there weren't very many things worth taking seriously, but Alan was going to play his part with, like, utmost commitment. And that meant hamming it up. That meant having fun with this. And that sinking feeling that they're being a bit morally ambiguous, that this was just a tad too antiheroic? Aw, hell yes. Bring on the thunder. Bring on the downpour. Give Alan a trenchcoat and a fedora and a five-o'clock shadow, he was born for this.

He stepped out, and everything felt wrong. Too much light, too much ground between them, and everything felt too casual and mundane. Kimiko was small. Alan was--well, he wasn't small, certainly, but for this he felt small. Well. Let's overcome that bit of awkwardness, shall we?

"Yo." Yeah. Way to go on the first impressions.

"Was wondering if you'd show up over here."

Open palms. Bend your knees. Let's keep everyone at ease for now. Kimiko was an unknown quantity, so you're gonna play cautious--

Cautious? Well, um, yeah. You don't know if she's the kind who stabs people at first sight-- Alan was pretty sure he could outrun her if she was-- or if she's killing out of fear or--cautious? Listen, I don't have time to be indulgent right now, I have to be pragmatic, and if you think about it antiheroes are total pragmatists so--what the hell is this shit? Can you walk the walk or not?

"You get one chance to prove you're not a player. Take your best kill weapon out and put it down, or you die. Not bluffing. My draw's faster than yours. And if you ain't playing, you don't need it. If you'll take it out and put it down to the side, then we can talk."

Much better.
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