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i'm not upset
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Her right hand was trapped, moving between them. Hazel disengaged from a kiss and bit down on her index finger so hard she could feel the bone and thought she might draw blood.

This was right, for sure it was the right choice. In her head a voice told her to keep going, she was doing the right thing here. Hazel tried to swallow, finding her mouth dry. With the conviction of someone about to jump off the roof of a building, she nodded. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, repeated practice of something brought a certain level of skill. Each time she rehearsed a scene, she became better at it. She lowered the last bit of defense down over her thighs. In acting, the skill of the actors is used to evoke an emotion of the audience. The emotion in scarcest supply was happiness. People want the people who care for them to feel happiness, obviously. Hazel only ever wanted to make the people around her happy. Even if she had to hurt herself a little by overlooking their bullying, she didn’t say anything to her friends.

A shuddering breath escaped.


She moved her left leg to the other side of his hips and ran her thumb over the head, struggling to see his face. Without light, everything was a muddled purple-black color. They stood together at the edge, holding hands and looking into the abyss. Electricity fired off, running from the bottom to the top of her spine as they met.
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