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((Nancy Kyle continued from 幽霊屋敷.))

Nancy panted and gasped as she ran into the art therapy room. She went through the door, pushing it closed behind her. She finally stopped we she put a hand to the wall to steady herself.

Her head was pounding. How many blows to the face had she taken? She didn't know. She was glad there weren't any mirrors in the room; she'd be tempted to go and look into, to see what she'd currently looked like.

That, she already decided, would have been a bad idea.

There was a strong smell of copper in the room, and Nancy turned to see what the source was.



She cautiously approached the body of Mitch Settles, examined the scene of the crime for top to bottom.

"You decided this was easier," she stated, matter-of-factly. "I'm not like you."

She shook her head. Looked down. At his gun.

"I can't die yet," she said, "I'm going to, I know. But not yet. Just... not yet."

She took a shaky step forward. And then another. She reached her hands out, prying the gun from the body's fingers. She held the gun in her hands. Her vision blurred, and she wiped her eyes. They fell to his bag, and after a bit of effort she took that too.

She looked around, searching for the camera in the room. Eventually, she found it, and walked up to it.

"Minna-san. Are you watching? I hope so. This is... this is me, okay?" she said, before sniffing, "I'm going to... I'm going to make sure you remember this. Remember me."

She waved her arm toward Mitch's corpse.

"Remember them. Because they're not coming home. Because I'm not coming home. I don't care if you hate me. Just don't forget me. Don't forget us."

Nancy wasn't happy. She was smiling, but she wasn't happy.

In a way, she thought maybe she'd done a small good thing. Sure, it was selfish that she wanted the attention. But she was pleading for the audience not to forget everyone. Not just her. Did that absolve her? Absolutely not, but...

She swallowed, a lump going down her throat.

"That's my... that's my only message. Nancy-chan isn't going to be a nobody."
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